You Can Make a Difference 

Support all the humanitarian needs of Inspired Community Creations Corp with your deductible gift.  Be Inspired!

Inspired Community Creations Mission

Inspired Community Creations Corp is an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Code. The organization engages in philanthropic efforts through connecting the community and the arts during our annual Inspirational Art Galas (Arts & Culture). Be Inspired by supporting our three programs: HBCU Student Scholarship, Feed the Homeless, and Toy Drives. 


Are you an art major looking for scholarship opportunities? Take a moment to apply for Inspired Community Creations Corp HBCU Student Scholarship, review our requirements and submit an application for candidacy.

Looking for more Volunteers and Board Members

If you are looking to volunteer or become a Board Member for Inspired Community Creations Corp, please contact us via phone or email. 


We appreciate everyone for coming out to the 2nd Annual Inspirational Art Gala 

We appreciate everyone that came out to the 2nd Annual Inspirational Art Gala November 12, 2022 at Tree House Studios in Atlanta, Ga. Your support has allowed us to continue our mission and purpose. Please view our recap video of the gala here.

2021 Scholarship Recipient 

Congratulations Blair! We are proud to announce she received the first HBCU Student Scholarship by Inspired Community Creations Corp. Read More here....

2022 - Inaugural Inspirational Art Gala

We are blessed to say, Inspired Community Creations Corp took the 2nd Annual Inspirational Art Gala to the next level of providing Art & Culture in Atlanta, GA. We look forward to providing more cultural experiences in 2023, and we can not do it without your help. 

We can't wait for you to witness 2023 Inspirational Art Gala targeting November 11 2023. Stay Tune!